For over 20 years PhillyTech has been focused on providing Recruiting, Engineering and Sales Services to clients throughout the Philadelphia region, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and the United States. We are 100% focused in working with funded and venture backed tech startups and software companies.


PhillyTech gives their clients “Recruiting Experts in a Box”. We have already done the work for you and have built custom engineer and developer databases for all skill sets. We have unparalleled processes for recruiting, where we typically can find you the best talent within a few days.

We work closely with our clients to understand not only their business, but their talent needs as well. We’re not a staffing agency but rather a talent solutions firm, making strategic recommendations to help drive client growth through successful talent acquisition.

Are you tired of screening through an overwhelming amount of job applicants? We’ll do it for you and only send you over the best candidates.

We make your job easier by screening all job applicants for you and we send you the best most qualified candidates to interview while also executing direct outreach recruiting campaigns to find more great candidates on your behalf.


PhillyTech is the most value focused, flexible and cost effective engineering and development services firm to work with in the region. We provide you with the engineering and development expertise to help your company and product differentiate and gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Our goals are to help you drive revenue, increase productivity and reduce costs by bringing you innovative technologies that shorten development lifecycles and time to market.

We offer an extremely flexible and cost effective delivery approaches that include full project based, staff augmentation and hybrid models in Philadelphia and Colombia, South America. Our expert team of engineers and developers work closely with your team to help you succeed.

  • App or data solution conceptualization
  • App or data solution design and architecture
  • App or data solution development and testing

We utilize the latest technologies and libraries to speed up the development lifecycle and work with Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, .NET/C#, Java, Python, R, TensorFlow, AWS, Azure and Google clouds.


PhillyTech has been in the trenches of sales and business development for software and tech companies for over 20 years. We understand the challenges associated with selling software and technology products and help you build and execute a strategy to drive additional software licensing and services revenue for your company.

PhillyTech works within their extensive warm network and closely with the your team to organize meetings to achieve your goals. We then work closely with your team to generate qualified leads, opportunities, conduct meetings and close business for your software or technology solution.

We’ll work with you optimize existing sales content, presentations, PDFs, demos, messaging and email templates in order to generate leads, conduct meetings and close business. We’ll optimize your existing sales processes in order to achieve goals of closing business of software and technology within opportunities generated by PhillyTech and your Team.

Examples of these activities include:

  • Generating leads, meetings and opportunities .
  • Assisting in organizing internal prep meetings to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Assisting in building and delivering content and key questions for meetings and demos.
  • Assisting in organizing debrief meetings, follow up action items and next steps.
  • Assisting in the preparation and delivery of proposals, SOWs or other agreements.
  • Assisting in the negotiation of sale of software and services.